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Competitors' list:

IGP 1 to IGP 3 levels are offered at the championship.

To enter the 2019 CWDF IGP National Championship, dogs must be registered with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC)*, and handler and owner - if residing in Canada - must be members of the CWDF member breed club for the breed of their dog* ( 

To enter at a given level, a dog must be eligible to trial at that level, meaning a dog can pass a new title during the event. For example, to enter at the IGP 3 level, the dog must have successfully passed the IPO/IGP level 2 title prior to the championship. To enter at IGP 2 level, the dog must have an IPO/IGP 1 title, and so on.

Registration (opening March 1st, 2019, closing June 1st, 2019):

* if residing in Canada, with the exception of mixed breed dogs or breeds not recognized by the CKC such as the Dutch Shepherd and the White Swiss Shepherd. In such a case, the FCI recognized registration from the country of origin will suffice, and make the dog-handler team eligible for FCI IGP 2019 Team Canada pending other qualification requirements.

> Click here for the CKC form to register an imported dog